Roofers Work To Help Scam Victim

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June 6, 2011
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July 17, 2013
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Taylor Roofing, Allen Roofing and Roofer’s Mart have helped out a 92-year-old blind East St. Louis man who was scammed by someone he paid to give him a new roof.

Last spring, Mr. CC Cubb paid a person about $3,000 for the new roof and to clean his gutters.  The person didn’t do the job correctly and the ceiling in Cubb’s living room collapsed, according to Gerrit Yank, of Taylor Roofing in Belleville.  Sections of the roof decking were assembled with old signs made of corrogated plastic instead of wood.  Three different types of shingles, and areas with no waterproof underlayment, caused the insuallation and ceiling to soak, and eventually collaspe.

Yank’s mother is one of the owners of the family roofing company and read about Cubb’s situation in a Belleville News- Democrat column.

Cubb said he feared he would have to go to a nursing home if the roof wasn’t repaired correctly and hopes he will be able to stay in his home thanks to the work the companies did.

People who are looking to find reputable companies for home repairs can contact the St. Louis Better Business Bureau.   Yank also recommends homeowners do their homework and ask for references.