Repair & Maintenance

Wouldn’t you rather repair your existing roof correctly compared to the potential expense of emergency repairs or a complete reroof? This inexpensive program can help you get more out of your existing roof.

Developing an effective preventative maintenance program is the key to extending the life of your existing roof. Benefits of the program will include:

Semi-Annual Roof Maintenance Inspections:

  • Conducting an initial in-depth roof maintenance investigation to access current status of all roof areas at all facilities.
  • Each Semi Annual Roof Inspection will include: overall inspection of roof sections, cleaning of large debris from roof and gutter system, pictures of all roof sections with focus on areas of concern, 1 FREE hour of repair (if deemed necessary), and a written estimate of any additional work needed.
  • We will keep a file of all condition reports and photos so to compile a database for your roof. You too will receive all of this information along with a verbal explanation of our findings.
  • All roof repairs will be completed in accordance with proper roofing procedures and the roof manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Properly trained and experienced union roof technicians will complete all roof repairs.

Emergency Leak Repairs:

  • We will provide all Facility Owners involved with this program a 24-hour emergency phone line to report leaks and the need for emergency repairs.
  • A roof technician will respond immediately to conduct a repair of the leak and/or emergency situation. In critical areas, response will be within four hours. In other areas, response will be within 24 hours.

If you would like to hear more about this program, or get a written proposal on your building or facility, please contact us to schedule an interview appointment.